The name Homeschool comes from the idea of learning by doing. Doing for ourselves what others can’t or won’t. That means building an outerwear system that addresses the needs that serious snowboarders face, and putting more into the product with no compromises.

We founded this brand with one goal in mind, which is to build the best outerwear available. Breathability, durability, and a timeless style are the cornerstones of what we do. It has to work here in the great northwest in some of the gnarliest conditions imaginable. We say “It ain’t California dreaming, and we like it that way.” From freezing fog, to waist deep pow, to pissing rain, if you’ve ridden here, you know what we mean.

Our outerwear is designed to be used hard and function where it counts. The end result is outerwear, mid-layer, and base-layer that lets you rip laps through the park, go bananas in the trees, hike that backcountry kicker, and spend more of your precious time doing what you love. We love the mountains and the weather won’t stop us…



About the Brand

This is the story of Homeschool Outerwear. Designed in the Pacific Northwest, if it works here, it works anywhere.


Baker Series

Ever wonder what features are in our Baker Series line of products? Here is the answer to all of your questions.


Hood Series

Ever wonder what features are in our Hood Series line of products? Here is your answer.