Welcome back, Homeschoolers. If you were wondering where we’ve been, well, you could say we got stuck in a storm of sorts. Thankfully we’ve weathered it, and we’re on our way to coming back stronger than ever We began making outerwear in 2011, with the intention of making better, more versatile product than we felt we had access to. Somewhere along the line we began to feel like the outerwear industry became oversaturated, and we felt lost in the mix. So, we took a step back to refocus our efforts, and prepare ourselves to take two steps forward into the 2020s and beyond – with a clearer vision, new designs, a better factory, and ultimately our best offering to date. We’ve simplified the product line, and gone berserk to assure each piece is the best it can possibly be. We’re calling it “Chapter 2,” because we believe our first 8 seasons represent the necessary research and development, ups and downs, and ultimately the first iteration of our brand that we believe has come so far in the time since. To those of you that have been down since day one, thank you for being an integral part of our story. For those just tuning in – we look forward to riding together.