The Middle/Path Project: Episode One

by Chris Owen on November 04, 2015

"Every winter we enter the season with high hopes of amazing snow fall. Some years, all we can hold onto is the hope of next weeks forecast bringing the weather we are dreaming of. In the PNW last winter, resorts seemed to be about 1,000 vertical feet too low. With only the mountain tops getting snow and the rest of the hills being drenched with rainfall, the season didn’t amount into much. The important question we must all ask ourselves is, are humans having an effect on the worlds climate and if so, then how much? Businesses are taking note of this possibility and beginning to create a more symbiotic relationship with the world around them. Stevens Pass resort in Washington is one of them. We only got a hand full of powder days in our home mountains this past season. The high temperatures have us searching for answers in hopes of deepening not only our snow levels but our understanding as well. The burning question here is, if it is even remotely possible we are harming the planet why would we even risk it? Isnt it time we take steps to insure a livable world for our future generations? The lack of winter at home has sparked our thoughts and inspired an adventure of taking a serious, heartfelt look, at how we… as winter enthusiasts, are impacting the environment we so desperately rely on" - Ian Wood


Matt Wainhouse
Ian Wood
Sean Fithian
Forrest Burki
Ryan McLaughlin
Jim Guindon