Brigade Riding Hoodie 2019



Built with 37.5 technology infused polyester, the Brigade Riding Hoodie is designed for the mountain.  When you layer this piece with outerwear and baselayer you exponentially increase its breathability, creating optimal conditions from the inside out.  When your body is warm and dry, you can handle whatever the elements throw at you. 


  • 37.5 Fabric activated carbon technology
  • Mid-Weight
  • Anti Stink
  • Quick Dry
  • Contrast zipper




37.5 activated carbon technology

Up to 5X faster dry time

37.5 activated carbon technology

Up to 5X faster dry time


37.5 technology infused Knit fabric

37.5 active particles provide two unique driving forces that no other technology can match. First they attract water through electrostatic force, pulling it away from your skin. Second they absorb heat your body produces which heats theses particles and speeds evaporation. In Addition these particles add an additional 1000square meters of surface area to an average garment. The combination of these factors mean that no other fabric can come close to the breathability and dry rates of 37.5 fabrics. 5X Faster!


The Brigade Riding Hoodie. The ultimate weight piece with tech features that keep you dry and warm. If you are going to wear a hoodie under your expensive jacket wear this one. It won't kill breathability and hold moisture.