Continiuum Trifecta: When you wear a Homeschool style you reap the benefits of 37.5™ Technologies breathability. When you double up or wear all three layers to complete the Continuum Trifecta it exponentially increases the breathability and dry time by up to 40% compared with the competition. 37.5™ Technologies was the first company to develop a layering system that was to be used in conjunction with other pieces creating an accelerated drying of the entire system. We use a three tiered system which includes outerwear, midlayers and baselayers.

Burly fabrics protecting you from the elements while allowing moisture vapor to escape to promote a dry, comfortable environment. 37.5™ Technologies use a proprietary high moisture vapor transition rate (MVTR) hydrophobic membrane, adhesive that’s optimized for high MVTR while maintaining durability, and a finish print with patented 37.5™ active particles that use body heat to speed evaporation so you stay dry and comfortable.

Technology that offers warmth and superior breathability, perfect for layering. Technical layering pieces that you can wear under your shell or around town, and work ideally over the base layers without being too bulky. These will keep you looking great even when you take off your shell for a beer in the lodge or parking lot. Tech without looking tech.

Next to skin technical apparel offering the ultimate in breathability, anti-odor and comfort. Made for those cold and wet days where you need thin base layers so your not all bulked up like a fat kid on the playground. Guaranteed to keep you warm and dry like you're sitting next to the fire place at home.