What is 37.5 Technology?

by Chris Owen on July 15, 2015

What is 37.5 Technology?

37.5 is a system designed by scientists and outdoor enthusiasts to efficiently manage humidity in the microclimate between your skin and your clothing. This is the first combination of base layer, mid layer and shell to be engineered--from day one--as a complete layering system. All three technical layers work together to draw moisture away from your skin and push it through you clothing. To accomplish this, 37.5 Technology uses micro-particles that it embeds directly in the fabric of our products.  Their micro-particles have three principle qualities.  First, electrostatic forces draw the water particles from sweat away from the body to the micro-particles. Second, they absorb infrared energy, a.k.a. the heat, the body naturally generates. This increases the evaporation rate of water moisture and causes cooling if you’re hot. Conversely, if you’re cold, the micro-particles retain the body’s heat and warm you.  Finally, the micro-particles significantly increase the surface area of the clothing, which also increases evaporation. Your body will use less energy to maintain its comfortable, optimal temperature, giving you more energy to spend snowboarding. 


The harder you work the better it works.  We have tested this system extensively and it works.  Whether you wear one piece, or the complete system you will notice a difference, allowing you to spend more of your precious time outdoors doing what you love.


We recommend trying the complete Homeschool/37.5 system to reap the full benefits of the technology.  We say this because it works, not just because we are trying to sell you something. All of the components of the system work great separately, but when you put them together it’s next level comfort.